What We Do

  • We dont give you call summaries.
  • We dont give you forecasts.
  • We help convert your B's to A's. We grow topline with a focus on your frontline.



What PeopleLens can do for you

PeopleLens for Sales Leaders

How can I help my team lift productivity?


VP, Sales

PeopleLens’ ML models helped identify missing competencies in underperforming employees and provided personalized nudges on how to improve individual performance.

This allowed us to accelerate our topline in one quarter, by upping our managers’ coaching and rep execution.

Today, my lens is opaque…

  • My managers struggle with coaching

  • Data is spread across multiple sales tools and dashboards

  • Limited visibility into underlying drivers for repeatable performance

PeopleLens brings focus

  • Transform managers to sales coaches with personalized coaching plans, converting their B’s to A’s

  • Provides unified lens with insights drawn from across the tech stack

  • Precise pointers to support QBR discussions, and day to day execution by surfacing attributes, activities & competencies

PeopleLens for Rev Ops Leaders

How can I scale data driven insights for every manager and rep?


VP, Revenue Strategy & Ops

As a Rev Ops professional, our teams dissect the individual performance attributes and behaviors that fuel our organization's success.

PeopleLens’ AI was a game-changer! Their out-of-the-box performance insights, scaled for both managers and reps, liberated us from months of arduous projects.

Today, my lens is opaque…

  • Too many stakeholders, too much data, limited insights

  • QBR takes weeks of prep, lack insights

  • Custom analyses take quarters to go from scoping, to corner office to frontline

PeopleLens brings focus

  • Automated lens for every stakeholder, addressing the why’s

  • Out of the box QBR decks with insights and diagnostics on drivers to grow topline impact

  • Real time personalized insights flowing from corner office to frontline, enhancing execution

PeopleLens for Revenue Enablement

How can I personalize coaching and enablement?


VP, Revenue Enablement

PeopleLens’ AI helped identify each rep's unique enablement and coaching requirements, based on their competencies and current execution.

It transformed our approach from a 'one size fits all', measured by course participation, to one where we prioritize the real performance drivers for each rep. Guiding our team to move the needle on topline.

Today, my lens is opaque…

  • One size fits all enablement

  • Limited visibility on performance drivers, attributes of your rockstars

  • Struggle to identify winning content and ROI for learning initiatives

PeopleLens brings focus

  • Personalized coaching plans

  • Shift focus from participation to performance with success drivers to guide winning outcomes

  • Identifies content that moves needle (actionable), guides planning and investments with hard data