Our Lens

We are grateful to our Gurus, Mentors and Our Lessons.

Our team is guided in our journey, by our collective principles.


We bring a serving mindset, with deep-rooted empathy for customers, colleagues, collaborators and community.

Team First

As we build our team, we prioritize for - character, chemistry and competence. It's always Team over Talent.


While building the company, we build each other.
We care. We listen. We give.
Always inspiring those around, to be their best human.


Bias for action.

  • Writing the game plan brings clarity to prioritization, disciplined execution.
  • We debate. We even disagree but we then take a moment to align, commit and execute.
  • Our karma is earned by our actions. Our outcomes are driven by what we put into ourself and the universe.


Unison of thought, word and deed.

  • Being truthful to ourself and each other. Showing up as who you are.
  • Diversity encourages each one of us to see with our own lens. As we embrace our differences, the team as a whole sees the bigger, complete picture.


Always being self in progress.

  • Bringing our healthy and caring self in body, mind and spirit to every pursuit.
  • Being humble and always demonstrating a beginners mindset.
  • Tuning into yourself. Reflection and self awareness in rest, lead to our evolution.
  • Winning or losing doesn’t matter, what matters is shooting your shot.


Innovation is born in questioning. Being curious, preparing questions with the same rigor as one answers.


Being proactive. If you see an opportunity try and address it. Own it. Run with the ball.


The fortitude to aim high, raising the bar. Falling hard. Bouncing forward. Living in the present, enjoying the moment, but playing the long game!